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By edinparentcentre, Aug 19 2015 11:20PM

It’s back to school once more now that the Summer Holidays have ended. Despite the awful weather I hope that you all had a healthy and constructive summer break. I hope you found some sunshine somewhere and had an enjoyable time with the children, building memories, learning new skills, improving others and making positive connections with your children that will last a lifetime. If this was not the ideal summer for you, you are not alone.

Sometimes the ideal summer is not possible because summer can frequently be a stressful time for parents juggling work and time with the children. With the school routine gone a child’s behaviour can deteriorate due to the changes in the family routines and boredom can also play a part in this too. The opportunity for parents to spend more time with their children can sometimes become a long drawn-out period of family conflict. So if you had a difficult time this summer how did you cope?

Did you react to your child in the same way every time and found yourself in yet another upset or conflict? If so it's time to act in a different way

Did you get upset when your child got angry, started crying, was rude or started to fight? If so it’s time to find new ways of dealing effectively with feelings, both yours and your child’s and learn how to manage conflict?

Is your child not listening to you or do you feel you are not in control of situations?

If so it’s time to learn new ways of communicating better with your child.

Do you think that it’s your responsibility to solve all problems including tidying up after your child? If so it’s time to look at ways to motivate your child to help you.

Do you encourage your child to take more responsibility by giving choices and setting boundaries? If not it’s time to be both firm and gentle

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions our courses and workshops can help you find new ways of interacting with your children that will change, not only your summers, but your lives forever. Why not start this school year with a new slate?

For more information email:

By edinparentcentre, Mar 27 2014 01:02AM

Don’t forget: it’s Mother’s Day in the UK on Sunday 30th March.

It’s the one day in the year that mothers are honoured and hopefully get completely spoiled! It gives our children a chance to say thanks to us for being there for them all year round.

At Edinburgh Parent Centre, we know first hand the joys and the challenges mothers face every day while their children are growing up. We know that they leave no stone unturned to find new ways of connecting with, encouraging and nurturing their children. Mothers have amazing insight and instincts which highlights to me even more the value of mothers.

I wish to extend my best wishes to all mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Frances Byatt-Smith

Director Edinburgh Parent Centre

By edinparentcentre, Mar 23 2014 02:00AM

This is the first blog post for the 10th Anniversary of Edinburgh Parent Centre. We have a new website that I hope parents will find more informatrive inhelping them to choose the courses and workshops that suit them best. We are also working on a parent's area which will be available soon to support parents during a course and on completion of a course or workshop with us.

On the new site there is a larger selection of books for parents to help them in promoting their children's emotional development and we will continue to develop that section in the future. All our one to one courses and workshops are available via the Internet, helping parent's access a course despite their busy like schedule. Internet courses are also ideal for parent's who do not have access to a course in their neighbourhood.

Many parents tell me that when they mention that they are taking a course to other parents they get comments such as "why are you doing that you are a good parent"? Courses are not about good or bad parenting, they are about skills. We skill ourselves up in our jobs so why not do the same in the most important job in the universe - being a parent? No matter how much experience parents and carers have they can benefit from a comprehensive guide to building positive relationships with their children. We see our role as helping them better understand the building blocks of how children think feel and learn so parents, and all who share in nurturing the development of a child, can significantly improve that child’s opportunities to live a fulfilling life.

Frances Byatt-Smith

Director EdinburghParent Centre

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