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Child relationship coaching for parents

Happy Children

Resource Centre

We have created a list of our favourite books that many parents have found helpful for themselves and their children.  Have a look at the Edinburgh Parent Centre Recommended Books.  The books are listed in categories for the various age groups.


Please note that only two categories are visable at one time so click on the second one if you do not see anything on the page for you and the next category will be visable.

Recommended Book List

Parent Member Support

This area is now under construction and

will be available soon


We are creating a Parent Membership Support Section for our parents to support them while taking a course with us.


The area will also be available to parents for six months after completion of a course.  Please note that you will only be able to access this area by a password once you have signed up and your membership is verified by us.


You can sign up in the member sign up on the home page of this website.


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